Meditation Experiences

More Confident, Calm and Less Stress

Before I do meditation, I was a kind of person who like to dream, imagine everything that will happen and sometime it’s impossible. But now I don’t dream much just only think abort now and do the best what I am doing, be more confident, calm and less stress.

After this meditation, between level 1 and level 6, I see that my way of living is different. I feel happier without stress and peaceful with the true world. And I believe that I’ll become a truth universe’s mind soon.

Kouch Cheadarika / student / Phnom Penh
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Thoughts Become Decreasing

Before meditation, I have a lot of things to think about, especially my study. Sometimes I can’t focus on my math class. When I was worried about something, I can’t do anything. After meditation, I feel fresh and cut down my thinking. The remembered thoughts become decreasing. Hope to find meaning of my life when I finished this meditation.

Lee Dana / student / Phnom Penh
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I Learned to Accept Life As it Flows.

Passing level 2 was refreshing. Way back, before I meditated, I was REALLY stressed because of studying. Every night I would think of freedom from studying. Yes, I like to study, but I also need a break. And I also get angry at very unnecessary things. Level 1 was just my first time to happiness. After passing level 1, I already felt the change, I felt so much happier. Now, I passed level 2 and I feel so peaceful and I can see my past faults very clear, so I can get rid of my fake human mind. I learned to accept life as it flows.

Sakura / student / Phnom Penh
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I Could See the Difference

Thank you for guiding me the method of meditation. I have been meditating for 2weeks. This method is really good. After I finished level 1, I feel more happier than before. Moreover, my overthinking reduce. After 1 month, I could see better results: My mind feel relax, happy, motivate and satisfy. My body feel warm, release more oxygen, produce more energy. My eyes look better. I could change my habits of thinking and respect my own timetables. I could see the difference. Thank you to the method

Srey Neth / Phnom Penh
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I Don’t Easily Get Angry

I meditate with my lovely husband.
Before I used to get angry easily, was impatient,  got stressed easily, unhappy,  and had a lot of imaginations.
After this Meditation, I could improve a lot. I don’t easily get angry. I am more patient,  more happy and I don’t think too much. I know the truth. I will try more and more to be truth.
Pisey / officer / Phnom Penh
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I Drew My Changes

Soeng / 7yrs / Phnom Penh
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This Meditation Taught Me a Lot

I just studied, worked and made friends, and I didn’t know how to live my life. I had a lot of thoughts in my head, little action, and life was a mess. I was always in my own small mind world. In that small world of my own mind, sometimes I thought I was great, and on the other hand, I thought I was so nothing.

The stress my parents have given me since I was a child was just plain talk like “save money”, “save money”, and “study hard”, but in my subconscious mind, unknowingly my parents’ words used to be a huge stress.

This Meditation taught me a lot. I could realize that the thoughts I had were illusions I created by myself, while meeting people in my life and through the experiences I had with them. And I learnt that those illusions are actually not existing things in real.

There is a saying in Chinese proverb. “You must live in the present” means not to live in the past, or in the fantasy of the future that has not come.

Chen jian Wen / Student / Phnom Penh
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Understand the deeper meanings of life like how the mechanics of the universe works.

(Meditation Workshop on 27th. Sep. 2021. around 400ppl)

Hello everyone.  My name is Daniel Joe and I am a partner with KPMG US so I am very happy that I can share my meditation experiences with the KPMG family. 

I started meditation many years ago primarily because I saw how my wife had changed for the better after starting this meditation method.  I also wanted to find a way to deal with the daily stresses of life.

Practicing meditation through this method was a transformational experience beyond just helping me deal with my daily stress.

After diligently practicing meditation, I began to understand the causes of my stresses and learnt how to get rid of them.  I was able to do all this within myself without having to try to change the external factors – like the people or places – I formerly thought were the causes of my stress. 

The benefit of this meditation method goes well beyond getting rid of stress.  That is just the tip of the iceberg or a side effect.  This meditation method helped me understand the deeper meanings of life like how the mechanics of the universe works.

Today, I am very happy and grateful for all I have.  I strongly encourage all of you to give this meditation method a try.

Daniel Joe / Singapore
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I am in a much better place in my life and I can’t wait to pass each and every level and go to the end.

Prior to attending the Mediation Center, I felt the world closing in on me. Feelings of anger consumed my thoughts, others were to be blamed for my actions. The tragedies in my life left me blaming the word, life was just unfair, my emotions were in a worldwide. Basically hating life, itself. I knew I needed a change, but wasn’t sure how to achieve my goal.

Then one day, I was handed a pamphlet on mediation. At first, I ignored the theory of mediation, thinking this can’t possibly work and it was another ploy to get people to join.  Feeling my lowest, I decided to give it a try. My first visit to the center, I couldn’t get the words out without crying on what drove me to come. When the instructors at the center were exampling the method, my first thought and, believe me they were many, but the one that dominantly stood out was no way that the Seven Level Method was going to work.  However, with each passing level, my emotions definitely improved. I don’t’ feel that the world owes me and I am able to detach further and further away from my false world.  People around me notice a difference; they can see that I am happier. I am in a much better place in my life and I can’t wait to pass each and every level and go to the end.

Klara / Lyndhurst, NJ, USA
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My level of stress has been reduced a lot.

As a university student, since I have been practicing this meditation, I totally changed. This meditation has helped me a lot with my studies as well as improving my focus. My level of stress has been reduced a lot. The method is simple and easy for everyone to practice. Especially, this method really works for everybody. Just try it, and you will see the benefit.


Nop Sreypich/ University Student / Phnom Penh
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