<Daily 7PM, ASHC Meditation Free Seminar>

* Come join our live introductory session with ZOOM Meeting, you will be introduced about our meditation program and experience your first class.

* You will receive ZOOM link to your Email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line

-Introduction date : Please choose a day among Monday to Saturday

-Timing  : 7PM ( Duration : 45 ~ 1hr)

*in case you like to join at an alternate timing please mention the timing

< Free Online Asia Meditation Events

     – Every Friday 9PM, Sunday 7PM > 

Cleansing the mind is emptying the mind. By online ZOOM you can have a taste of our practice to throw away the mind. It is conducted every Friday 9pm, every Sunday 7pm (Duration : 1hr)

* You will receive the ZOOM link to your Email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line

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